Funding → Scholarships

University provides prospective students with a detailed summary of the estimated financial cost of the tuition and personal living expenses necessary to complete the entire program of study.

Scholarships aim to help ease the financial burden of medical education.

Scholarships are merit-based financial support to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements, leadership skills, or other exceptional qualities. Scholarships do not need to be repaid and can cover a portion or the entire cost of tuition and other expenses.

Current scholarship programs offered include Best GPA Scholarships and National Student Scholarships.

Best GPA Scholarships

Description: This scholarship recognizes and rewards outstanding academic achievements among students with the highest-Grade Point Average (GPA).


  • Second term students or higher.
  • No application required; recipients will be selected based on the GPA achieved in the previous term.

Number of Scholarships: 3 per term.

Award: 10% tuition fee off.

Procedure: Automatically awarded to 3 students with the best GPA for the next term.


National Student Scholarships

Description: Designed to support and encourage academic excellence among Anguillians.


  • Anguillan nationals or residents.
  • Application to be submitted 2 weeks before the start date of the term.

Number of Scholarships: 5 per year.

Award: Payment of the full tuition fee for the entire study program (4 years max).


  • A full application must be submitted to the University.
  • Criteria published 4 weeks before the application deadline.
  • Results decided in consultation with Education Department of the Ministry of Social Development, Education & Library in Anguilla.