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What is Transfer?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): At New Anglia University, we recognize and value the diverse ways you've gained knowledge. Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy allows you to receive academic credit for equivalent learning outcomes, making your transition to our university more accessible.

Seamless Credit Transfer: If you're currently enrolled in another medical school program listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, you may be eligible to transfer credits. The process is designed to ensure that your prior learning is acknowledged, streamlining your academic journey at New Anglia University.

Transfer Process at a Glance

  • Ensure your current medical school program is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.
  • Review and meet the specified entry requirements for your intended program at New Anglia University.
  • Submit Transfer Request (please ling the contact us page here)
  • Provide original transcripts from your current medical school.
  • Evaluation and Decision: The Program Director will assess your transfer request and the credits earned from your previous institution.
  • Finalize Transfer: Once your transfer is approved, your credits will be documented as 'Recognized' on your official transcript and you will be enrolled on the Medical Program.

New Anglia University is committed to making your transition as smooth as possible. Explore your academic possibilities, and let your educational journey continue seamlessly with us. If you have questions or need assistance, our Admission Office is here to help.