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Student Work Permit in Anguilla

Students at New Anglia University who wish to engage in work related to their studies in Anguilla need to be aware of the regulations and requirements for obtaining a Student Work Permit. Below is a comprehensive guide to help navigate this process.


  • Unpaid Student Work: Unpaid student work related to the course of study can be participated in by holders of a student permit without needing additional permission.
  • Paid Student Work: To engage in paid student work, a Student Work Permit must be applied for. Work in a role connected to the studies is allowed by this permit, which must be applied for in the prescribed manner.
  • Permit Conditions: Specific terms and conditions set by the Government will accompany the Student Work Permit, which will expire when the student permit expires.
  • Permit Expiration: Upon the expiration of the student permit, or after three years from the issuance of the initial permit, students must leave Anguilla unless an extension of stay has been granted by the Chief Immigration Officer, in accordance with the Immigration Act and immigration policies.


  • Application Fee: $270 (non-refundable)
  • Work Permit Issuance Fee: $1,345 (non-refundable)
  • Duplicate Issue Fee: $135 (non-refundable)

Required Documents

To apply for a Student Work Permit, the following documents need to be provided to the Government:

  • Letter from the Dean: Permission to engage in student work, along with the specified time frame, must be granted in this letter from the Dean of the institution.
  • Letter from the Proposed Employer: The terms and conditions of the work, including details on the type, duration, and conditions, must be indicated in a letter from the proposed employer.

These documents are crucial for the application process and must be clear and detailed to ensure smooth processing.

By following these guidelines, a Student Work Permit can be successfully applied for, allowing valuable work experience related to studies to be gained while in Anguilla.