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Registration at the Anguilla Medical Registry

Registration at Anguilla Medical Registry is a crucial step for those planning to work as doctors in Anguilla. Detailed information on the requirements, application process, and necessary documentation for securing a work permit is provided in this section.

Document Submission Requirements for Registration

All submitted documents must be in English. Documents in other languages must be translated into English, certified by the translator, and sealed by a notary public. Additionally, all copies must be certified and sealed by a notary public. The required documents for submission are as follows:

  • A letter addressed to the Registrar requesting registration.
  • An oath in support of the Medical Registration Form, completed and witnessed before a notary public.
  • Two professional references.
  • A Letter of Good Standing - A Letter of Good Standing from the Medical Board or Medical Registrar of the most recent jurisdiction of employment must be provided. This is not required if a fresh graduate from New Anglia University.
  • A current relevant practice certificate/license or a notarized copy thereof.
  • Notarized copies of professional degrees, diplomas, and certificates (e.g., medical degree, dentistry degree, pharmacy degree, and postgraduate qualifications).
  • Notarized copies of the identity pages of passport.
  • A current original police certificate.
  • Current email address, local address, and telephone number.
  • Three passport-sized photographs.
  • A current curriculum vitae.