Mission Statement

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Our vision, mission, and values provide a clear understanding of our purpose and objectives. They serve as crucial expressions of the principles that steer our students, faculty, and community members.


The New Anglia University's mission is to establish a vibrant, research-driven, and innovative educational environment that promotes public health by disseminating knowledge and the latest scientific advancements to address global and regional challenges. Aims to cultivate highly skilled and competitive medical professionals who prioritize human health and well-being, demonstrating care and independence while adapting to a dynamic and evolving world.


The University's vision is to establish an inclusive, forward-thinking, and cooperative environment that promotes student engagement and serves society on a national and international level. Emphasizing equal access and fairness, it is dedicated to providing diverse student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities. Through collaboration with stakeholders in civil society, government, and industry, the University aims to disseminate knowledge and innovation within local and global communities. Committed to environmental sustainability, the University supports environmental education to foster understanding and collective action for its preservation. Furthermore, the University is dedicated to generating and sharing knowledge while preparing professionals to contribute to economic growth and sustainability.